Benefits of Pex Repiping

What are the benefits of PEX Repiping?

The following is a short list of PEX repiping benefits.

  • PEX saves money. It is less expensive than copper.
  • PEX flexibility allows faster installation.
  • PEX can be bent around corners, requiring fewer connections and fittings.
  • PEX is slightly quieter than properly installed copper pipe.
  • PEX tends to insulate, resisting heat gain or loss.
  • PEX resists mineral build up.
  • PEX pipes do not have a residual odor and taste for a week or so after installation.
  • PEX resists freeze bursting because it is a flexible material.
  • PEX is durable and resilient to aggressive water and soils, problems that can cause metal pipe to fail.
  • PEX has been in use about 35 years.
  • PEX manufacturer’s warranty is 25 years, but it is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

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